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In many instances, physical and mental health are closely linked, so that a change good or bad in one directly affects the other.


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Have fun go on a trip with someone you love, go shopping, go fishing; do not let vacation time slip away.
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This nutrient is an essential part of your eating plan, and can make up anywhere from 10%-35% of your total calories.

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You must believe in yourself, have good support systems, and think positively I think I can, I think I can… to succeed.

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Get enough sleep daily; the CDC recommends the following by age group naps inclusive; 12-18 hours from birth to 2 months, 14-15 hours from 3-11 months of age, 12-18 hours for 1-3 years of age, 11-13 hours for 3-5 years of age, 10-11 hours for 5-10 years of age, 8.

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All humans have to eat food for growth and maintenance of a healthy body, but we humans have different nutrition requirements as infants, children kids, teenagers, young adults, adults, and seniors.

Avoid rewarding children with sugary snacks; such a pattern may become a lifelong habit for people.

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Aside from occasionally veering off the path, most of us think we do a fair job of maintaining our health with good or at least OK eating habits and physical activity whenever we manage to fit it in.

For example, infants may require feeding every 4 hours until they gradually age and begin to take in more solid foods.

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Regular exercise can help prevent coronary heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure.

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Unhealthy living may manifest itself in obesity, weakness, lack of endurance, and overall poor health that may foster disease development.

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Pregnant women who smoke are more likely to deliver babies with low birth weight.

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